Saturday, October 02, 2004

my baby loves winnie the pooh
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me and my baby
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Friday, October 01, 2004

Women - How to be romantic???

1. Let him know you really appreciate the effort he's making

2. Tell him how gorgeous he looks

3. Make him proud to be seen with you

4. Wear something sexy and glamorous that you know he'll love.

5. Don't criticise or cross-question him

6. Be warm, friendly and receptive

7. Let him take the lead

8. Be appreciative if he is chivalrous and opens doors for you.

9. Complement him on his driving.

10. Find out everything you can about one of his interests - and discuss it with him.

11. Be extroverted and openly interested in what he is doing or saying.

12. Send him a ''Thank You'' card to let him know that you had a great time and would like to meet again.

13. Take him to an event he's really interested in - even if you hate the idea of a day watching Formula One.

14. Let him pay on the date.

15. Tell him you love him.

16. Buy him your favourite smelling aftershave.

17. Send him his favourite chocolates ... and feed them to him!