Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Measure of Elegance

People, most notably women have certain obsessions in life, very rarely do we see men or women become totally fixated on material things, to some degree collecting your object of desire is both addictive and exhilarating.

My husband is the perennial guy who loves electronics, right now that has to do with High Definition Video Camcorders and is salivating over the Canon XH A1, his argument is that it can be used to film the birth of our second baby but as I unfortunately told him, I do not want to be filmed screaming during my pregnancy in 1080p resolution LOL ;)

On my habits I tend to gravitate towards designer handbags, I was looking at this website a couple of nights ago and I remembered having purchased a similar bag, at the time of buying the bag I was thinking on whether to buy it or not, being a practical person I usually don't indulge on many things such as jewelry but my one failure is having a good bag.

The Gucci bag that I purchased last summer '06 has never ceased to amaze me because of its craftsmanship and the general look and quality. I love the color and of course the bag is very hard to be mistook for something else, now I know that some of you would say that some knock offs tend to look the same but in arguing I would say that you don't let your medical insurance agent handle the surgery, the surgeon does that job.

I bought that bag when I still had a full time job so in essence, it was money that I saved over from a time period of six months, so the decision to buy was not a spur of the moment but was a calculated thought of decision.

Right now I'm contemplating to buy a new bag from a different designer. I just don't know when but I will keep all of you posted =)

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