Thursday, May 14, 2009

Purse Cravings

I guess everyone has their addictions, people take time from their lives to indulge in their habitual pleasures, smoking, drinking partying. If there was an AA (alcoholics anonymous) meeting for shopaholics then that would be me, I thought that I would stop looking at bags after purchasing my first Gucci but I guess the itch is still there, most people try to fight their whole lives against their indulgences but mine is harmless. I mean what can you do if you cannot afford it, I grew up with normal ordinary clothes and never once looked to see if the accessories I had were the "in" fashion at the time, so I guess I am trying to make up for those years that I missed out.

Here are some of the things that I currently crave but of course, it is practically impossible to buy these things unless I won the lottery, so I guess I will just have to whet my appetite and satisfy my fix by looking at these nice pictures.

1. Medium GG Mermaid Tote $419
2. D Ring Sand GG Canvas Hobo $559 , D Ring Wallet $289
3. D Ring GG Canvas Green Trim Tote $529. D Ring Wallet $289
4. D Ring Brown GG Canvas Tote $529, GG Canvas Wallet $319

1. Lavender Guccissima Boston $769, Wallet $279
2. Purple Leather Bamboo Hobo $549, Purple Guccissima wallet $ 209
3. GG Sand Canvas Horsebit Nail Dome $1,019, Wallet $259
4. Powder Pink Guccissima Tote $749, Guccissima Wallet $ 239

These are all from Gucci Outlet.

Photo Credits from Purse Forum

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